Max the Cloud: Think Big with IaaS Archiving

Stress is an unpleasant by-product of having to save a lot of stuff – like petabytes of data – just because you have to. We’re talking about infrequently accessed data that no one wants or needs for long periods of time but that maybe, one day, they just can’t live without. Satisfying corporate and legal requirements for data retention, with little or no increase in budget, is a responsibility that can easily turn an IT admin into a stress monkey.


Fortunately, because of the distributed nature of public cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, it’s getting cheaper and easier to save on internal resources by using cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). For example, you can use Dell NetVault Backup to store data in Amazon S3 and seamlessly archive to Glacier for as little as $0.010 a month per GB.

 Got leverage? Use it!

 The option to archive data using IaaS on a public cloud is an invitation to think big about leverage. It’s an advantageous method for dealing with a vast amount of data in a way that reduces the need to stress your own, internal resources.

 Thinking big in this case is about expanding upon a data protection strategy that doesn’t treat all data as created equal. To minimize risk, you will naturally align your DP strategy with the time sensitivity of the data. Not all applications will have the same time sensitivity, so not all data and applications should be protected the same way. Choosing to leverage a public cloud that’s optimized for archive is a cost-effective way of creating or building on an existing tiered data protection strategy. One that can result in: less overhead, complexity and cost – and less stress.


 The advantages of leveraging an archive optimized public cloud with the right archive software include:


  • Availability. Everything is safely stored
  • Virtually unlimited storage capacity to manage data growth
  • Staying compliant
  • Granular restore to reduce complexity and RTO – everything from file level to full system recovery
  • Cost that is comparable to tape


What matters most

 The potential reasons for turning to public cloud-based archiving are not just the dollars and cents. It’s also about being able to focus on what matters most: products and customers.

 It offers the kind of leverage that can gently scale an organization out of an underachieving infrastructure burdened by rampant data growth and the increasing pressures of compliance and data retention.

 Archiving with IaaS is just one of four scenarios for improving data protection with a public cloud. In fact, you can use the public cloud to protect anything you want – but only if you choose the right approach, with the right tool, in the right cloud.

 Here’s our white paper to help you choose wisely: