Max the Public Cloud: The Fairest, Fastest Snapshot of Them All

Oh Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...? It’s interesting to think about fairytales in terms of IT solutions. The Evil Queen will need to install the right backup system to capture a point-in-time and access an exact copy — no matter what — in her magic mirror.


If she uses a snapshot-based backup system, that’ll reduce the need for full restores. She could deploy IaaS to extend her existing backup infrastructure and accelerate the whole process by using the cloud as a backup server as well as a backup target. With this kind of technology in place, you’ve got a compelling story.

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution for backup and recovery needs, next-generation public cloud backup is changing the game. Many organizations are now using these systems as their primary method for backing up and restoring critical data.

Your snapshot can be the fairest — and often the fastest — for the same price as tape.


Rethinking backup

In the best-case scenario you can use IaaS for backup to cut RTO (recovery time objective) for everything from file level to full system recovery. This is especially important for an organization that relies on regular dataset transfers. 


But when considering backup and restore to the cloud, resource management is critical. Users need to understand their bandwidth needs and the parameters of their solution to ensure the large amounts of data are easily handled. Here are the questions you need to answer:


  • What is the uptime for applications using cloud — and is a hybrid cloud an option (keeping recently accessed data is on-site)?
  • Does your organization have snapshotting and can you put a governor on their data transfer? 
  • Can firm use seeding to get large volumes of data to the cloud provider without including the cost of transfer over a WAN?
  • Does your cloud provider offer burst capability (so fast restores are possible without having to pay for fast pipes that are only used in the case of emergency)?
  • Taking the hurdle rate into account, is the cloud service as affordable as tape? 


The power of options

Under the right conditions, deploying IaaS and the right software can simplify backup management and save on IT staff time. Rather than babysitting backups, IT admins can focus on core projects. Everything is safely stored and full redundancy is assured. Granular restore reduces not only complexity but provides for recovery with aggressive RPOs and near-zero RTOs. And you can scale up to handle petabytes of data at a cost that’s comparable to tape.

Using IaaS for backup and restore is just one of four scenarios for improving data protection with a public cloud. In fact, you can use the public cloud to protect anything you want — but only if you choose the right approach, with the right tool, in the right cloud.

Here’s our white paper to help you choose wisely: