#MEC#Exchange2013 - Random thoughts…

First random thought: MEC was like was a P90X workout. “I hate it but I love it”. Lots of great keynote, deep discussions with other Exchange experts and technical breakout sessions were fantastic and it was all jam packed in 3 days. Only negative feedback that I had was I didn’t like being turned away from attending the Public Folder migrations to Exchange 2013 session. This was due to capacity reasons so I understand it but still didn’t like it. Public Folders obviously was a hot topic and guess what “Public Folders are back and here to stay” but it’s important to know architecturally they are different from previous versions of Exchange.


Second random thought: My IQ instantly increased since I had dinner with Perry Clarke and Julia White. One of the evenings I had an opportunity to have dinner with some key product team members. Perry Clarke is a distinguished engineer on the Microsoft Exchange team and Julia is the General Manager for Exchange overseeing Technical Marketing. It was an absolute pleasure getting this opportunity to feast among the Exchange Gods. Perry Clarke along with Ann Vu host these “Geek out with Perry” sessions and trust me if you spend any time watching them your IQ will surely increase as well.


The one thing I wanted to share with you guys is I asked Perry a question about “Can Exchange just infinitely support as much storage as you throw at it?” I talked about how some organizations have requirements to maintain retention of emails for 23+ years so is it realistic to just keep on throwing storage at Exchange and it will operate efficiently. Perry’s answer was clear. Throw as much storage at Exchange 2013 and everything will be fine.


Third random thought: A lot of hype around Exchange 2013 and it's warrantied. Check out the RTM article and links to other resources to see what's in the New Exchange.


These were a few of my random thoughts but if you missed it this year, you have to be there next year. It’s the single event as an Exchange guru that you must attend. Does anyone else out there have any interesting thoughts about MEC?