Meet Kacey — What a Great Addition to Our Systems Management Team!

We have a new member of our IT systems management team. His name is Kacey.

He’s just come onboard, but we love him already, and couldn’t live without him.

Kacey has a ton of systems management responsibilities that he accomplishes every day. There really is no typical day for him, and he loves that.

He tackles projects with ease and needs very little help from his peers, who are strapped for time and trying to tackle a bunch of strategic initiatives. When we hired him, he was ready to go on day one! He provisions, manages, secures, and services all of our network-connected devices. He pushes out software without requiring the rest of the team to touch anything. He’s great at maintaining inventory of all our hardware and software assets, and making sure we're not paying extra for software licenses we are not using, or being fined for under—license compliance.

Within the first hour of his first day, he was able to create a whole list of everything we have installed on our network, even non-computing devices like printers and other IoT devices — amazing! This would have taken us hours to muster on our own, especially since we’re always getting new OS installs and additional devices that need to be managed and secured.

He can complete all his tasks from the comfort of his own UI, from any Internet-enabled device, even a smartphone. There's no need for him or anyone on our team to travel to remote locations just to remediate problems on the users’ devices, or to update their OS or applications. This has saved us thousands in travel costs, especially since we did not have the resources or budget to fund travel. Kacey ensures our users have the OS software and applications they need to do their jobs.

Kacey has been an incredible asset, timesaver and lifesaver. I’ve never met anyone like him. He cares for our organization by showing what he can do for us on a daily basis. He does everything I need him to do to make our organization continue to grow without any major interruptions or distractions.

We’ve seen a huge return on investment because we didn’t have to hire an additional system administrator to manually do what he can do in hours. Now, we’re able to redeploy our IT employees, who were taking time to complete their daily “lights on” tasks, to take care of the important strategic projects that our organization is counting on them to complete.

With Kacey fully on board, I now have time to complete all the projects that are on my to-do list. He makes my life 10 times easier than what it was before. I didn’t have to hire, train, pay, or keep him up to speed. He came to us ready to go, and will continue to keep his capabilities upgraded with one mouse click. It’s like having two extra people on board without the headcount.

Who is Kacey? He’s (or she’s, as appropriate) the KACE K1000 Systems Management Appliance and the KACE K2000 Systems Deployment Appliance — in short, the person in the back room doing all of the systems management tasks the rest of your live team doesn’t have time to complete. Thank goodness for Kacey’s help, without needing the additional headcount.