Mergers and Acquisitions - Sometimes Things Don't Fit Together So Well... Quest Can Help!

In 2013 alone, 2.4 trillion USD was spent globally on mergers and acquisitions. A lot of our customers came to us because they were experiencing pain due to a disjointed infrastructure now overburdened by multiple domains.

Image credit: Ken Teegardin | Licensed under: CC BY 2.0

AD is the MVP for Most Businesses

Active Directory is critical to businesses – most customers say that 90% of their applications use Active Directory as the defacto source of authentication. Active Directory is 15 years old and we’ve added so much to it over time – more email, collaborative platforms, maybe additional forests as stop gap security measures and now, the addition of another Domain may leave your infrastructure disjointed, less secure and very difficult to manage. What happens if AD becomes inoperable for even one day? The entire organization will be brought to its knees.

What sort of expectations do you have around merging your current infrastructure with the new one?

How about the addition of users - will you treat the new users as new employees or will you run multiple domains in the short term? Many of our customers are recovering from M&A’s – either they require more visibility or they need to be able to better manage and protect their infrastructure.

Keeping IT in Shape

Take a look at this case study around a large organization that collapsed many of its independent agencies into one consolidated operation. As a result they had a disjointed infrastructure with multiple domains. Dell helped them to assess, plan and modernize their  infrastructure so they were able to better manage, better report on, better audit, better protect, and better consolidate Active Directory – all to ensure that Active Directory – being as critical as it is – better served their business.

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