Migrating from Windows 7 32-bit to Windows 8 64-bit?

In the land of ChangeBASE where I spend most of my time we generally assume that desktop migrations are from Windows XP to Windows 7 or 8. But I recently I ran a proof-of-concept for a large multinational who had already migrated most of their estate to Vista and Win 7 32-bit. They are now looking to move to Windows 8 64-bit. So how can we use ChangeBASE in this scenario? Well most of the Windows 7 checks are irrelevant because we know the apps are already happily running on Win 7 (and in terms or app compat Windows Vista has the same set of criteria as Windows 7). So we need to setup a custom report group. Note that you need ChangeBASE Professional or Ultimate edition to create custom report groups.

1. Make sure you have downloaded the following Report Groups: "Windows 8" and "Windows 64-bit".

2. Add a new Report Group by right-clicking on the Reports node. You can call this something like "Win 7 32-bit to Win 8 64-bit"

3. Now we need to move all of the plugins from the "Windows 64-bit" Report Group. Right-click each one and click "Move Report" and choose the new Report Group:

4. Now go the the "Windows 8" Report Group and do exactly the same for the following plugins:

  • Windows 8 - Legacy File References Check
  • Hard Coded File References Scan - Files
  • Hard Coded File References Scan - MSI Tables

5. Your new Report Group should now look like:

6. Delete the "Windows 8" Report Group becuase this is now missing some important plugins, so we shouldn't use it in this database (other databases are unaffected of course).

6. Now you can use this new Report Group for your Win 7 32-bit to Win 8 64-bit migration testing.

A few points to bear in mind:

  • You should NOT attempt to download the "Windows 8" and "Windows 64-bit" report groups as these will be incomplete. This is becuase some of the plugins already exist in the new Report Group.
  • If any of the plugins in the new Report Group are updated as part of our maintenance release, they may appear in the original Report Group name when downloaded. They will need moving back into the new Report Group in this case.
  • The Dashboard will not work for the custom Report Group.