Migrating to #SharePoint 2013 and #Office365 with Migration Suite for SharePoint from @DellSoftware

The SharePoint Systems Consultants group at Quest has been busy in the last couple of weeks preparing the Quest group SharePoint labs with the next generation of SharePoint.


As you may know, Quest’s Migration Suite for SharePoint supports direct upgrades from SharePoint 2003, 2007, & 2010 to SharePoint 2013.

Most of our customers use our solution as it overcomes some of the native upgrade challenges.


Here are some examples of the benefits of using Quest Migration Suite:

  • Direct upgrades from SharePoint 2003 or 2007 to 2013 without staging servers
  • Gradual upgrades of site collections, sites, lists/libraries, or even items/documents
  • Content filtering so you only upgrade what is relevant and what you want to upgrade
  • Site re-templating to overcome some of the dropped SharePoint 2010 site templates
  • Delegation of upgrades to end users – no admin account required. (BTW, this is only an option)
  • Scheduling bulk, or scripted upgrades to better suit your migration plan and strategy
  • And last but definitely not least, metadata mapping and remapping of regular metadata, content types (nested or not), and managed metadata.


In an effort to showcase how the Dell Migration Suite for SharePoint can address some of the above value adds to native upgrades and also to showcase the support for SharePoint 2013, we just published a series of short videos that walk through various upgrade scenarios from SharePoint 2007 & 2010 to SharePoint 2013.


Upgrading Sites from SharePoint 2007 Directly to SharePoint 2013