Migrating to the Cloud? Modernize Your AD Before You Move

This blog is co-presented by Dell-Accenture.

In an era of rapidly-evolving technologies, many businesses are looking to move to Office 365 and other cloud-based applications. Drivers include the desire for an easier and cheaper way to maintain email, collaborative services and other communication tools. A hosted service like Office 365 promises to cut down on administrative costs and labor while focusing on the service rather than the server. Whatever the reason, moving to the cloud isn’t as easy as it appears, and results could be mixed if you haven’t successfully prepared your Active Directory (AD).

As we discuss a move to the cloud with our customers, one recurring roadblock always floats to the top of every discussion: AD. Stood up in 2000 as the predecessor to Windows NT, AD is the backbone and source of all authentication across a Windows-based organization. Over time, many organizations have added applications and AD has sprawled as forests and domains were used to as a Band-Aid® approach to security and authentication issues.

So, why is this an issue when moving to the cloud?

Moving to Office 365 requires linking your on-premises AD to a public cloud-based directory, such as Microsoft Azure AD. This integration is complex and requires flawless synchronization.  When synching between the cloud and an on-premises AD deployment, your environment needs to be organized, managed and clean — something that most 15-year old infrastructures are not.

At the Dell World Software User Forum, experts from Quest and the Dell-Accenture joint initiative will present a session titled “Looking at Azure AD or Office 365? Modernize your AD to get there.” This is just one of many sessions you won’t want to miss. You can dive deeper into AD and the cloud, and explore:

  • Reasons AD needs to be addressed prior to migration
  • How to address potential roadblocks
  • Cleaner, easier cloud migrations that ensure high velocity

Don’t hesitate—you won’t want to miss these valuable sessions!