Migration Tip of the Week: Import File Versions to SharePoint

While the commonly used file systems on Windows do not support file versioning, many people have chosen to emulate versions by using file naming conventions (e.g. ABC_ver2.doc). Now how do you move this to SharePoint? Migration Suite offers a flexible method based on CSV files that allows one to consolidate file versions properly and maintain key metadata at the same time.

Here's how:

  1. Navigate to the source file folder in the Connections pane
  2. Select the folder or files to import and copy/paste or drag/drop them to the target document library with enabled versioning

3. On the Summary step of the File Import wizard check the Create CSV File option

    • Optionally you can flatten the folder structure during import by selecting Remove Folder Structure

4. In the generated CSV file, for file versions of a particular document put the document name (Ampacet.doc in my example) into the SharePoint File Name column for all its versions.

5. By default the tool will assign version numbers automatically based on the file order, but you can override this by explicitly specifying version numbers in the Mark Version column:

6. Now just use the Import from CSV wizard to import the files into your document library