Mobile IT Is looking For Early Adopters.

The Mobile IT team is looking for customers of Change Auditor, GPOADmin, or Quest Foglight AD Cartridge to be early adopters in using mobile devices to administer their applications. Mobile IT is about a month away from release and we are very excited about the solution we have built. In an effort to get early and a lot of feedback, we are looking for candidates to be early adopters.



We have made what we feel is a very solid platform to take applications and use them on devices while mobile. We are looking for customers to be early adopters and were hoping you would be one of them. What we will do is have our DEV team help you get Mobile IT installed and setup and perhaps not only take a Quest Product Mobile but perhaps help you take one of your internal products mobile as well.

Look at the Quest Mobile IT community page for more information on mobilizing your IT applications.

Let me know if you are interested, as I would love to discuss this further with

You can contact me at