Modernize while you migrate! Turn Windows Server 2003 migration burden into an opportunity

Modernize While You Migrate from Windows Server 2003

I've just recorded an on-demand webcast [registration or log-in is required]  -  to help organizations chart the very best path forward in this "post-migration deadline world".

Enterprises are inevitably going to spend a lot of money in order to decommission Windows Server 2003.  If the only thing they get from that investment is "the same old stuff, but running on a newer operating system"... well, there's not much benefit in that.

Instead, look at this proverbial migration "lemon" as an opportunity to turn IT systems into something more nimble, agile AND less expensive to support - freeing up investment for new projects and strategic initiatives.

Learn how to back up your migration initiative with solid business value.

With the cutoff of support for Windows® Server 2003 now past, many organizations have yet to complete their migration to Windows Server 2012 R2. Some have seen their migration initiatives stall due to the business perception that migration is a cost, rather than a benefit — an opportunity to enhance business capabilities with new products and flexible architectures.

This on-demand webcast will focus on helping you build a solid business case for migration, including:

  • Weighing the costs & risks of remaining on Windows Server 2003
  • Taking advantage of Windows Server 2003 migration initiatives
  • Overcoming common obstacles to achieving faster ROI for your migration
  • Making the business case for migration and transformation via cloud and virtualization technologies