More on vFoglight Storage Product of the Year Silver Award

One of the judges of the Storage Magazine Product of the Year contest commented; vFoglight Storage provides "Excellent and useful metrics to help get the value out of storage assets that already have been purchased and deployed". I wanted to briefly explain what "excellent and useful metrics" are actually captured and displayed by vFoglight Storage.

First of all, unlike VMware vCenter and other monitoring tools, vFoglight Storage monitors the physical storage beneath your virtual infrastructure and captures key storage performance, capacity and topology information. This ability to see how storage is really being used by virtualized applications allows VMware and storage adminstrators to answer these types of questions;

  • Which VMs are being affected by poor storage performance?
  • What is the path from my VM all the way down to the spinning disk and everything in between?
  • Which virtual applications are using each physical storage device?
  • Which VMs have the biggest impact on physical storage?
  • Which storage devices are really being used by VMs, ESX Hosts, and virtualized applications?
  • Is physical storage properly balanced to ensure optimal performance of the entire virtual infrastructure?
  • Have I allocated enough storage to ensure VMs do not run out of space and fail?

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Steve Paravola

Product Marketing Manager - vFoglight Storage

(847) 589-2222 x317