My perspective of The Experts Conference (TEC)

Instead of talking about what is new in the world of Recovery or Discovery this week, I decided to talk about The Experts Conference (TEC) and why it is an invaluable conference to attend.


First let me take a step back to give you some background. I have been in the IT field for 16 years now so I have been to my fair share of trade shows and conferences. As the years continued, I started to feel as though more and more of these conferences were more marketing and less technical content. Now as a Product Manager there are not many conferences I chose to attend because I don’t feel I am getting what I need out of them. Perhaps I just have high standards and no conference would live up to them until now.


One conference that stands out in my mind and I look forward to attend every year is TEC. Since Quest acquired NetPro and we started to participate in TEC I have not missed a year. The technical content you hear at this show is incredible. The speakers are extremely knowledgeable and they talk about current technology that would benefit you now. The speakers are mostly MVPs or Microsoft experts such as thought leader Tony Redmond and the Exchange General Manager and keynote Kevin Allison. Other highly technical Microsoft folks include Brett Shirley, Scott Scholl and Greg Taylor. These speakers introduce new technology coming down the line as well as demonstrate how to resolve issues based on their experience and that right there is priceless.


Take this opportunity to speak to these experts to ensure your enterprise is where you want it to be or think it should be. Many TEC sponsors including Quest send their product managers to TEC as well so you have the benefit of discussing product visions, roadmaps and enhancement for the products you already own. Although it is a technical conference it is not all business, ask about the Scavenger Hunt while you are there and win some prizes.


So if you are interested in a conference that is less of “What can I sell you?” and more of “How can we help resolve your issues and build a better infrastructure?” You should seriously consider TEC in San Diego, April 29th-May 2nd. Check out the full agenda here:


Keri Farrell

Product Manager - Recovery\Discovery