NetVault Backup Achieves SAP Certification

Today we received word that NetVault Backup is "SAP Certified". The certification was conducted and granted by the SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC), which provides technical services to companies that wish to integrate their products with SAP solutions.


We are very proud of this designation, as we know that the SAP ICC doesn't hand these certifications out to just anyone. All solutions must pass a stringent qualification process before they earn the right to display the "SAP Certified" logo.


That means that customers can rest assured knowing that NetVault will work seamlessly with SAP solutions to protect their valuable business data. And if they ever do run into any issues, they can reach out to support teams who are technically aligned and can quickly get a root-cause and resolve the issue.


NetVault Backup provides fast, online backup of SAP databases in Linux, UNIX and Windows environments. Using a specialized plug-in, NetVault supports such important features as hot backup, integration with SAP's native backup tools, parallel backup support and selectable backup operations.


Administrators can execute backups directly from SAP. User databases can remain online and fully accessible during backup, which minimizes downtime.


An administrator can submit jobs using a console or command-line interface. They can specify individual files, directories or backup the entire system. Most of the extensive features provided by NetVault Backup are supported when using SAP Backint command-line options and parameter files.


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