NetVault Makes History: Awarded Three Additional U.S. Patents For a Total of 19!

Christmas came early for the NetVault team this year! NetVault was recently awarded three additional U.S. Patents--one for NetVault Backup and two for NetVault FastRecover. For those of you counting, that brings it up to 19 patents for NetVault.

NetVault Backup:

U.S. Patent 7,979,650, titled "Discovering a Data Storage for Backup," protects the method by which NetVault Backup automatically discovers and configures network attached storage (NAS) filers. This "plug-and-play" technique greatly simplifies deployment and eliminates the possibility of human error when configuring the backup of a NAS device.

Through its purchase of BakBone Software, Quest acquired not only the technology, but also a rich history of protecting NAS filers. The company was one of the first backup and recovery vendors to support Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP). Early on, it saw the value that network attached storage would bring and developed the code for the Open System SnapVault (OSSV) backup technology used by Network App and now incorporated into NetApp systems. Native NDMP support is deeply embedded in NetVault Backup offerings as a result of this early partnership.

NetVault FastRecover:

U.S. Patent 7,979,404 protects the way NetVault FastRecover identifies new and changed blocks of data to send data from the protected client (Windows file server, Exchange server, or SQL server) over the wire to the NVFR server. This helps NVFR achieve zero backup window and reduces network contention.

U.S. Patent 7,979,441 protects the way FastRecover quickly copies data to, and retrieves it from, FastRecover 's storage pool. These techniques improve the performance of backups and help achieve lightning fast restores. Users get Virtual On-Demand Recovery™ (VODR), which allows application data to be ready for use within a few seconds--regardless of how much data there is to restore.

This long list of patents provides further proof that the NetVault product line was built on innovative technology. And there's a lot of great stuff on the roadmap. We look forward to ringing in 2012!