New Application Performance Monitoring Top Trends Report from Gartner

Will Cappelli, Gartner’s lead analyst for the Applicaiton Performance Monitoring market recently published a report about the top trends in APM in 2011. If you are a Gartner client, I highly recommend you check out this report. You can find the report here ( Report ID number: G00210246). You will need a Gartner login to access the full report and it is also available for individual purchase. In general, those of us on the Foglight team agree with these major trends and the premise that 2011 will be a dynamic year in this market. Some key takeaways:
There is a continued emphasis on the importance of end user monitoring. This should come as no surprise to the Foglight customer community. In my recent customer interactions, nearly every customer talks about the role that end user monitoring plays in demonstrating value of a more application-centric approach to monitoring.
The report also describes the impact of changes to applications in terms of access points and technologies and how those affect end user monitoring. Foglight is constantly evolving to address these changes to ensure that it can accurately monitor applications that may be deployed over Akamai or use AJAX.
One of the newer trends highlighted points to the idea of “end user behavior monitoring.” Foglight has been a pioneer on bringing this capability to the APM market with our Foglight Experience Viewer. There is no better way to understand user behavior than being able to replay what your users actually did page-by-page, click-by-click. Recently we introduced an integrated workflow between our deep Java monitoring and the user session replay. This takes some of the guesswork out of troubleshooting for application specialists and development.
On the other trends mentioned in the report, the Foglight team has some exciting things under development that you’ll be hearing more about later this year. Future posts on this blog will discuss those.
If you have read the report, what do you think of the trends? What about the idea of APM as a service? Is this something your organization would consider rather than traditional on-premise APM installation?