New Authentication Services security modules for Redhat Enterprise Linux with SELinux fully enforced

Security has become an increasingly important consideration for organizations. Authentication Services has always held security as one of its most important and core functions.In keeping with this concept we have been working on modules to ensure that Authentication Services will work on a Redhat Enterprise Linux operating system with SELinux fully enforced. We have been testing and modifying these modules for some time now to make sure they will work with as many configurations as possible; however internal testing can only go so far.

Our goal is to ensure we have something that will be functional for as many environments as possible without additional configuration while remaining secure. As such we would like to solicit feedback from the Authentication Services community.A project has been started that includes access to the modules, instructions on how to implement them. The Authentication Services forums are available to provide feedback on anything you might discover or you would like to comment on.

As Hellen Keller once said alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. We invite you to work together with us to make this functionality as robust as possible. So join the conversation today.

For access to the project please visit our github page

To discuss the project or to ask any question please visit the All Things Unix Forum.

** Please Note: These modules are considered test modules and therefore would not yet be fully supported. They are intended for test environments only. For assistance we ask that you post your questions or concerns to forum where the product team can will review and assist. **