New Case Sudy Showcases Reduced #ActiveDirectory #Migration Time by 83% with @DellSoftware solutions

Dell today announced that its migration, compliance, and identity and access management offerings enabled an end-to-end solution for international specialty chemicals company Johnson Matthey that reduced Active Directory (AD) migration time by 83 percent, and decreased support calls from local identity administrators by 98 percent.


  • Johnson Matthey accelerates consolidation of 10,000 users and 27 forests into a single Active Directory forest with Migration Manager for Active Directory
  • ActiveRoles Server provides secure, automated user and group management for the new consolidated AD structure
  • Implemented ChangeAuditor™ for Active Directory to track and alert on configuration changes in real time, while allowing local level management of computers, servers and accounts
  • Support calls from local administrators decrease from five or six calls per day to only one to two calls per month
  • Dell combines AD migration and identity management to deliver a solution in eight months versus an estimated four years, with no data loss or disruption to majority of users


"We chose this full solution as the benefits were threefold. It allowed us to deliver the AD migration within our tight deadline without data loss and disruption to the majority users, improve security levels and comply with industry regulations, and provide ongoing management. A project that could take up to four years when carried out manually, took just eight months. And, because it manages some of the administration, ActiveRoles Server has also delivered significant time savings for IT staff, giving them more time to focus on value-added activities. Support calls also have dropped by 98 percent." - Stephen Way, divisional IT director, Johnson Matthey


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