NEW ChangeBASE 6.3 Release Offers Windows 10, Shared Databases for Global View Scalability, SQL Server Reporting Services, and Ease-of-Use

The ChangeBASE team has just released version 6.3 of the product, further enhancing its industry-leading application management and migration capabilities. 

As a leading provider of automated application management, compatibility analysis, remediation and conversion tools, ChangeBASE is now extending the scope to include greater integration, extensibility and scalability.  This allows ChangeBASE to not only better manage migrations but also improve application lifecycle processes in all Windows environments.  


ChangeBASE facilitates transformation projects including migrations to:

  • Windows 7/8.1/10, Server 2008 R2/2012 R2, IE9/IE10/IE11
  • Virtual application platforms - including Microsoft® App-V™, VMware® ThinApp™ and Symantec® SWV™

Application Lifecycle Management

ChangeBASE offers much more than migration– through ChangeBASE, organizations can achieve on-going savings by streamlining their application lifecycle processes through automation. 

ChangeBASE 6.x new “open-architecture” (API) forms the cornerstone of integration and automation, allowing companies to incorporate rich application data into workflow processes, speed delivery of applications to users, and reduce ongoing application support burden on IT.   

Download ChangeBASE 6.3

ChangeBASE 6.3 Improved Capabilities

This new release of ChangeBASE offers significantly improved cross-organizational scalability, as well as improvements in ease-of-use and flexibility in displaying, generating and customizing reports. 

New features include:

Windows 10 support

Windows 10 compatibility testing checks are included and ChangeBASE now offers Windows 10 as an option for platform and conversion configuration.

“Global/Centralized” compatibility view 

Combine compatibility data across multiple ChangeBASE instances by sharing the RAG (compatibility) status ratings across instances.  Multi-regional or multi-project organizations can now share the compatibility status ratings (RAGs) for applications already assessed.  Combined with the new SQL Reporting feature, you can create incredibility rich application reports not previously possible.

Microsoft® SQL Server™ Reporting Services integration

View ChangeBASE reports in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and allow users to modify reports using this technology.  Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services offers powerful reporting capabilities and now you can leverage this functionality for your ChangeBASE reports.  This option extends the flexibility and ease of creating bespoke reports while also enabling widespread use.

Application Uplift

Assess compatibility even without application source media with Application Uplift solution. Users can now check application compatibility even in cases where legacy application installers or original source media are not available.

Support for Microsoft Hyper-V™ for Windows 8.1

ChangeBASE now supports Hyper-V on Windows 8.1 for use in application conversions.

Google Chrome support

Compatibility checks for Google Chrome have been added to enhance our existing browser compatibility testing (Windows Internet Explorer® and Firefox®). 

Additional ease of use features

ChangeBASE 6.3 includes a number of ease-of-use features to improve functionality and productivity – refer to the release notes for more details.