New feature in QC 5.3: Connection handlers

Connection handlers feature allows to run custom script actions before, after, or instead specific operation (like create, modify, move, rename, delete) in a workflow step.

You can use following built-in variables inside handler.

$srcObj, $dstObj

$srcConnection, $dstConnection – these are objects of QcConnection type (check SDK)

$srcPwd – string with password in Password Sync

$request – same properties and methods as $srcObj, $dstObj

Also you can add own variables (parameters on UI) in handler settings (for storing login/password for example).

Let's check how we can use handlers for post-sync reporting scenario.

I attached example of such handler.

It can be copy-pasted into connection that is used in workflow step and will produce scriptLogfile.log with output like on screenshot below.

PS: You can write your own handlers using QC SDK;)