New Features in Enterprise Reporter v2.5

We can’t wait to show you what’s new in Enterprise Reporter 2.5! In addition to adding some very exciting new features, we have used your feedback to enhance Enterprise Reporter. It’s more flexible than ever! 

Report Manager

File Storage Analysis (including new discovery type and reports)

  • Use the File Storage Analysis summary reports (containing meaningful charts and graphs with the ability to drill down for more detailed information) to answer the challenging administrative questions regarding file storage.

Ability to extend some report types to include additional fields for account objects when modifying the fields to be included in a report

  • For example, in an NTFS report, you may want to see additional domain user fields that are collected by an Active Directory discovery.
  • When editing a report, in the Available Fields area, right-click underlined object names.

Ability to include fields from Domain users and Domain Groups when expanding nested group members while running a report

  • For example, in the Domain Groups with Members report, you may want to add fields to provide more detailed information about the nested members.
  • Report Manager | Report | Select a report with the nested groups parameter | Click Add Fields

Ability to export reports to a raw, unformatted file of comma separated values (CSV) without having to generate and view the report

  • Report Manager | Report | Select a report | Export to CSV

Ability to set the timeout for report generation

  • Use this option to increase the timeout between the Enterprise Reporter server and the database if you receive timeout errors during report generation.
  • Report Manager | System Configuration | Time Outs | Report Command Timeout

Additional data types supported in custom query report parameters

  • Integer and DateTime data types with Equals operator

Ability to customize the subject field when delivering a report using the email option

Ability to run Report Manager without having local administrator rights on the computer

Configuration Manager

Ability to collect File Storage Analysis information

  • Not just a current snapshot, but also historical usage over time
  • Configuration Manager | Manage Discoveries | New Discovery | File Storage Analysis

Ability to import a list of computers when configuring discovery scopes

  • Available for Computer, File Storage Analysis, Microsoft SQL, NTFS and Registry discoveries
  • On the Scopes page, click Import.

Ability to change the level of node logging and the size of the node log files

  • Use this option
  • Configuration Manager | Manage Discovery Clusters | Select a Cluster | Custer Details | Node Logging Level

New attributes collected

  • Active Directory
    • lastLogonTimeStamp, domain user photos, domain password policies, and more
  • NTFS
    • long path, file extension, and more


  • Support of SQL Server 2014
  • Ability to upgrade Access Explorer agents to the latest version
  • Simplified security group and role creation

Check out the Release Notes for many more improvements and stay tuned on the Enterprise Reporter Community pages for upcoming tips, hints, and overviews from the Enterprise Reporter team.