New Migration Suite 4.4 Includes #Bacon and Official SharePoint 2013 Support! #sp2013

Raise your hand if you like bacon and are excited for the release of SharePoint 2013? If your hand is up in the air, then you are going to love the new Migration Suite for SharePoint 4.4. This release includes official support for SharePoint Server 2013, SharePoint Foundation 2013 and SharePoint Online 2013 (Office 365). At Dell, we've been SharePoint 2013 ready since the moment the 2013 Preview was announced back in the summer. So this 4.4 release is just a formality.

The 4.4 release also includes other great enhancements such as improved user mapping capabilities. You can read more about the new version in the Release Notes document attached at the bottom of this blog. (Unfortunately, bacon didn't make it into this release, but we will try to get it into the next release.)

Download Migration Suite for SharePoint 4.4 today and start migrating content to and from SharePoint 2013!


PS: You probably recall that we've been promoting a free SharePoint 2013 migration tool for the past few months. Now that SharePoint 2013 is at RTM and Migration Suite 4.4 is available, the free tool promotion is no longer available.