New Migrator for Notes to SharePoint Pre-Migration Assessment Guide

The Migrator for Notes to SharePoint tool is designed to analyze and capture data on Notes applications. It has many built-in features to do so. However, like any powerful and robust software tool, knowledge and experience help to make any user of the tool more successful. The purpose of this document is to demonstrate how to use Migrator for Notes to SharePoint to capture Notes application data, analyze the date, and report on the data for a successful assessment project. The document will describe several recommended actions to be taken during a Notes application assessment.

Some of the topics written about in the document are listed below:

  • What do I need for a workstation?
  • What if I have a very large Notes application environment?
  • Date / Time and Regional Settings
  • How can I deploy or share the same configuration across multiple instances of MNSP?
  • Can I connect to a Quest Repository on a Domino server?
  • Which replica database is selected as the main database in MNSP?
  • What are the three levels of document details captured during document scanning?
  • Can I increase the analysis time limit to analyze a Notes database?
  • How do I merge data from different repositories?
  • How to read usage analysis
  • What if I see a username that I want to remove from analysis?
  • Exporting and reviewing task history
  • Setting Technical Class
  • Setting Business Class
  • Setting Database Disposition
  • How to Export Data to Excel