New mobile pack in progress. It's time for SCOM!

Hi everyone!


Today I want to share with you some good news from Quest Mobile IT dev-team - we've started working over Mobile Pack for System Center Operations Manager (SCOM).

Now all information related to state, health and performance of computer systems in your IT environment will become available anytime anywhere from your mobile device.


The pack is on early stage at the moment and available functions are limited to:

  1. Get alerts from SCOM connector for MIT – we take all alerts provided by particular SCOM connector (according to the rules applied to this connector) and send all available for these alerts info to mobile devices
  2. Close SCOM alert from mobile devices


But we're looking forward to bringing more features!

The further area we want to dive into is closer integration between alerts in SCOM and in MobileIT pack.


It would be nice to hear from you guys:

  1. what features you would like to see in this mobile pack and what SCOM functions you would like to get mobile
  2. if there are other tools like SCOM we should build a pack for and what features it should have.

You can leave comment here or contact and if you need some extra information.


If you have any questions on this or any other mobile pack or MIT platform in general do not hesitate to ask them on our Quest Mobile IT community.


Thanks for your attention!