New P2V2P for Physical Systems and Hyper-V Support Unveiling at TechEd on Monday

Vizioncore - the Server Virtualization Management team at Quest Software - is delighted to preview a new feature along with new virtual server platform support, at Microsoft TechEd on Monday in New Orleans.

These capabilities are available in a new version of vConverter, a solution which converts physical systems into fully-functional virtual machine images -- and now also converts virtual machine images into fully functional physical system configurations.

For the first time, organizations can combine use of P2V and V2P capabilities for imagte conversion together with image-based backup, replication and recovery. This is useful for a variety of real-world scenarios, and assists organizations in unifying management of mixed physical and virtual servers. For example, organizations can:

  • Convert, replicate, protect, and recover - using virtual infrastructure to protect physical systems through disaster, and restoring them back to either physcial or virtual machine systems as required
  • Use virtual systems to troubleshoot and repair physical system problems more quickly and easily - by converting problem physical systems into virtual machines, testing and diagnosing the problems, implementing fixes, and then returning the configuration to the physical system

vConverter is a product in the Vizioncore Data Protection portfolio together with vRanger Pro and vReplicator. These products can be used individually or in combination to manage and protect images on physical and virtual systems.

vConverter is the first product in the DP portfolio to support Microsoft Hyper-V. Its introduction signals the intention of Vizioncore to deliver support for the entire protection portolio on Hyper-V systems. vConverter enables conversion of VMware virtual machines into Hyper-V, and Hyper-V VM conversion back to VMware. vConverter also enables physical system conversion into virtual machines on either Hyper-V or VMware, and -- for the first time -- VM conversion back onto physical systems from either platform.

For more information on these innovative new capabilities and how they extend the value of vRanger Pro to your physical systems, watch this blog site for more details. Come see the product at our booth at Microsoft TechEd in New Orleans, June 7-10.