New release: Recovery Manager for SharePoint 4.2

We thought it’d be a good idea to mark the end of the spring with something really cool, like for example a new release of Recovery Manager for SharePoint. So here’re couple great new features available as of today:


  • Restore web applications to alternate SharePoint location. In addition to in-place web application restore, Recovery Manager for SharePoint 4.2 now allows to restore an entire web application with all its content, settings, permissions, etc. to a different SharePoint farm. You can restore web applications from native SharePoint 2007 or SharePoint 2010 farm backups as well as from a backup created with Recovery Manager itself.
  • Granular recovery from Quest NetVault Backup. Customers who rely on Quest for data protection now have more choice and flexibility for their SharePoint and SQL backup and restore. Recovery Manager for SharePoint 4.2 can automatically discover backups created with NetVault Backup Application Module for SQL Server, analyze them and provide secure granular SharePoint content restore from these backups.


By the way, Quest NetVault Backup is a new name for BakBone NetVault Backup product. You can learn more about BakBone and its products joining the Quest family from the BakBone blog.


You can learn more about the new Recovery Manager for SharePoint features and download the latest version at


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Ilia Sotnikov

Product Manager @QuestSharePoint