New release: Site Administrator for SharePoint 4.3

It's been about six month since I last blogged about a Site Administrator release, and the product team has been really busy during this time. Today the new Site Administrator for SharePoint version 4.3 is available for download from This is an important release for us, so let me take you on a quick what's new tour:


New detailed, comprehensive reports

You can now drill down from any Top 5 widget anywhere in the Site Administrator's overview reports, whether it is an Enterprise Overview, site metrics or site usage. To make this possible we expanded some of the existing reports as well as added a number of brand new reports to the Information Portal:

  • Web applications in the enterprise - A high level overview of logical SharePoint topology, this report spans multiple farms and shows key info about each web application, such as its size and number of users along with number of content databases, site collections and sites.
  • Content databases in the enterprise - Similar to the web applications report, this report displays details on each and every content db in your SharePoint environment. What I really like about this report is that it displays both the size of SharePoint content (aggregated sizes of all site collections in this database) and the actual database files size on disk as reported by SQL.
  • Site collections in the enterprise - This report is an absolute must have inventory of all site collections for anyone who plans to undertake any major SharePoint project, be it migration, reorganization, or implementation of new storage solutions. The report combines size and usage information together with key contacts for each site collection across multiple farms. (Of course you can run the same report on a narrower scope.) Export it to Excel and run filters or do a pivot table to quickly identify unused content, all site collections by specific owner, distribution of size vs usage, and whatever else input you might need to make your project a success!
  • Sites in the enterprise - Very similar to the site collections report, this goes even deeper to show size and usage details for all individual sub-sites (or Webs for those who use object model terminology).
  • Document libraries - Available for a site collection or site, this report brings together number of documents, size and versioning information for each library within the report scope.
  • Lists report - This report is very similar to the document libraries report and allows you to drill further down in your SharePoint analysis. In addition to the information available for doc libraries, this report also shows list type and number of item attachments for each list.
  • Document and Pages details - Documents report is available throughout the Information Portal and combines usage and size information for all documents and pages in the selected scope. You can run the report for an individual site, site collection, web application and all the way up to entire environment, spanning several farms. Use the export to thoroughly analyze raw data and build custom charts and reports as needed.
  • User activity details - A detailed daily usage report for site or site collection allows you to compare user activity by day in the past month, as well as to see daily most active users.

All these reports fit into the Site Administrator's security trimmed access model, which allows business content owners review reports within the scope they manage. Most of the reports have cross-links to drill down as much as you need, and all reports can be exported for further analysis.


Enhanced availability and performance

We've been working closely with one of the largest Site Administrator customers to ensure successful rollout of the reporting interface to the thousands of site owners in the environment. Changes were made to improve both individual reports performance, as well as ensure the product can scale up or scale out as necessary to support the increasing load.


Improved Security Explorer

As we keep adding features to enable business content owners with richer reporting and management tools, we also don't forget about IT administrators and their needs. This release of Site Administrator comes with a new and improved Security Explorer for SharePoint, it's enhanced user interface simplifies central permissions management across your entire SharePoint environment. It also now supports more bulk actions, such as bulk group membership changes or search for multiple user accounts in a single permissions search query. Finally, Security Explorer now allows to report on disabled Active Directory accounts and cleanup these accounts from SharePoint permissions.



Well, that's a lot of new stuff, and I even did not list everything here, leaving various minor improvements for you to explore. Thanks to both the product team and to our customers who continuously help us improve and add more value with each new Site Administrator release!


As usual, you can download the free fully functional 30-days trial version. Keep the feedback coming - leave your comments here, ask questions in the discussions area, or reach out to us on Twitter!