New Statistica User Forum Brings On the FUNKY!

        Photo credit Allesandro

In its long legacy, Statistica has ranked very favourably for user satisfaction all over the world, as evidenced by survey results (e.g., Rexer) and customer testimonials.

One way to keep customers happy with Statistica, of course, is to provide great support! We like to share our knowledge and make it easy for customers to engage not only with our internal subject matter experts but also with each other. In fact, our newsletter subscribers were recently provided with a comprehensive list of support tools just waiting for use. If you haven't seen that list before today, you might just want to subscribe for free to our newsletter.

Keeping all this in mind, what do you suppose the following subjects have in common?

  • Mu tree node
  • stepwise regression
  • group analysis with boosted trees in workspace
  • neural network time series regression
  • left join in Statistica query
  • Statistica mapping capabilities

…and my personal favorite:

  • Funkction* of regression bands

If you guessed these are all topics about which Statistica users have asked questions in our new User Discussion Forum, then you guessed right. Our support team monitors the forum to provide answers and feedback, and you can also engage with other registered users who have selected to receive email notifications of forum activity.

  • Q: What Statistica-related topics or suggestions are on your mind?
  • A: Start a thread in the user discussion forum!

Please note that the only requirement for you to participate in the forum is to register for a free community account. This is a different ID/password combo than is used for standard Quest Group website access. The community registration page is accessed via the “Join” button in the top right corner of the community header at the forum page. By joining, you gain access not only to the Statistica forums but to the broader Dell TechCenter community, as well. Welcome to Funky Town!*

Visit the Statistica User Discussion Forum >



* Yes, that's the delightful way the asker really spelled it in our forum. Apparently, Statistica brings the funky to data analysis and predictive analytics! And now, like me, you can have the catchy Lipps Inc hit Funky Town running through your brain for the rest of the day.