New White Paper: Complete Active Directory Management from a Single Pane of Glass #ActiveDirectory

Integrated Active Directory administrators handle most, or all, of their organizations’ AD management needs. They manage user accounts and group memberships, monitor AD health and replication, perform AD auditing and manage permissions, and report on the overall state of AD to management.

These administrators lack tooling that reflects their integrated work style. They are constantly “hopping” between tools, and, in many cases, developing and maintaining their own tools to overcome gaps in Windows’ native toolset, thereby increasing their own workload. As they move between tools, differences in user interface make it easier to make mistakes. And, they often spend extra time transcribing information between tools.

In this white paper, MVP Don Jones explores these challenges, discusses how company culture—not organizational size—determines the type of tools required, and provides a “wish list” of what an ideal solution looks like, efficiently bringing together all of the tasks you’ve been performing across a handful of tools—and supplementing those with features that fill the gaps in the native toolset.