News: AppAssure International Version, new features in factory update for the DL4000

This is a big week for AppAssure and the Dell DL4000 Backup and Recovery Appliance on a few fronts . Of course we’ll be talking about both products at Dell World, which starts today. Come by and get a demo of AppAssure, or ask us the burning questions you have about the software or the appliance. Or heck, just come say hi. :) But this week we’ve also announced 2 really exciting product updates.

AppAssure 5.4.2 – NEW International version

Yesterday we announced the release of AppAssure into several new languages: French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Localized Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

If you are a current customer, there are a few things you need to know:

  • This release is a new rev of AppAssure .319. The only difference between .319 and the previous version, .228, is the translated versions mentioned above.
  • If you are a current customer and you’re on .228, you should stay on .228. English is also included in version .319, but there are no bug fixes. If you download the new version,nothing changes, and you’ll have to restart things, so it's best to just stay where you are.
  • The next release we have, and for all releases in the future, one set of binaries will contain all of the different languages
  • If you are a DL4000 or DL1000 customer, the new languages are not supported yet. If you get .319, the drop down list of languages will be disabled. We’re working on getting language support for the appliances.

DL4000  NEW features in Factory update

Today we are announcing the factory update of the DL4000 appliance. Here are the great new features we’ve included:

  • Updated the factory image to AppAssure 5.4.2
  • The ability to use a Dell powered SAN to host your repository. When you purchase a new DL4000, you select either the PERC card or one of the supported HBAs. Currently, we support the MD and Compellent storage arrays. Please click here for the interoperability guide, click here for a white paper on the steps required to configure the DL4000 to attach to a SAN.
  • Addition of the RASR (Rapid Appliance Self-Recovery) utility. This is a utility that enables your DL appliance to protect itself.  Check this blog post out for the details. 

Those are the highlights for our latest product announcements. Please let us know if you have questions, either in the comment section below, or in the AppAssure forum in the Dell Data Protection Community. AppAssure user forum data Please come see us in the Software booth at Dell World!