No matter where you sit, it is about the application.

The Foglight Product Management team had a great meeting last week in Toronto. The Application Performance Monitoring (APM) market space is multi-faceted, which makes it fascinating. There are so many different angles to how vendors and customers approach the problem, that it makes for spirited discussions about priorities and how to best serve our prospective and current customer base.


The common point on which we all agree is, not surprisingly, that the application is clearly going to be a center point for monitoring and other IT management activities now, and in the future. Interestingly though, an APM centric perspective can be initiated/driven by a variety of roles in an organization. While it has traditionally been driven by the application server/development team (think Java team or a .Net team), it can also start from an IT executive who creates a new APM team, a business analyst in a business unit that focuses on end-user performance, or from a strong IT operations team who focuses on an architectural view of the application.


Ultimately, we and other vendors in the APM space aim to provide the tools that let these individuals with initiative move to a better way of managing IT. Over time, this will lead to stronger organizations with improved processes for cross-team cooperation, all centered on the application.