No Trick - Social Hub is a New Treat on #SharePoint 2013 App Store

Skittles, Snickers, Charleston Chews, Kit Kats - these are all my personal favorite candy treats. But this Halloween, I want the Social Hub app in my trick-or-treat bag of goodies!


As we announced in last week's blog, Social Hub is a new free app on the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 App Store.


Download Social Hub for FREE from the SharePoint App Store


Social Hub integrates external social media networks within SharePoint, enabling users to view and respond to Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feeds from within a single SharePoint interface. Integrating external social content into SharePoint is not something you can do out of the box. By bringing social media collaboration into SharePoint, you will enhance the end user experience and increase usage and adoption.


Social Hub has a 4-star rating, so users are downloading it and already getting value. Get your free copy today!