Not just another SharePoint Conference #TEC2012 #qSharepoint

The Experts Conference 2012 – Just another SharePoint Conference? Not Really!


I guess you could say I am a somewhat old and jaded marketing professional. I’ve been to a lot of shows, a lot. To quote Bon Jovi (and give a shout out to my home state of New Jersey), “I’ve seen a million faces and I’ve rocked them all”. I suppose “rocking them all” is a bit over the top (unless you were at Bonk at SPC) but you get my point. Been there, done that. Then along comes The Experts Conference (TEC). I was skeptic at first but I am now one of the converted. A true believer.


This will be our third year hosting TEC for SharePoint and if you haven’t considered this event you should. Why you ask? There are a couple reasons:

  1. Intimacy. Seriously. This event is intimate. You’re not one of a sea of nameless faces; we get to know you by name, and by your SharePoint challenges. In fact, I see many TEC alumni at other events and can remember their names, where they work and frequently what’s keeping them up at night (SharePoint related). It’s not just the Quest folks that you get to know it’s a chance to get time with the speakers, some of the top industry experts who have so much knowledge to share!
  2. Peer Pressure. Well not really, but I got your attention. Continuing along the theme of intimacy, you get a chance to speak to and learn from your peers. Find out how they just solved the same problem you have or share your experiences with them. Another great way to learn and get real world answers to your toughest challenges. Or just learn what NOT to do.
  3. Bring your scuba gear. We won’t actually take you diving in the ocean, although we’ll be in San Diego, but you will go diving into the technology. You won’t see the same tired presentations that have been trotted out at TechEd or SharePoint Saturdays all around the world. You’ll see new, fresh content that really dives into the depths of SharePoint.
  4. The venue and the staff. San Diego in April, need I say more for those of us in the frozen North and Eastern US Canada and Europe. You can’t beat sunny Southern California to lift your sprits after a long winter. But on top of that Quest throws a pretty good party with some darn good food and there will be LOTS of schwag.


I could go on and on with a longer list of reasons including all the Quest partners you will get a chance to meet, and the opportunity to get your team out of the office and focused on solving your biggest challenges. Maybe your team isn’t even located in the same office, so getting together in person would be really cool. And since TEC also has tracks for AD, Exchange, PowerShell and Virtualization you could even drag those folks along (and get a discount) or even slip into a few of those sessions yourself. Oh and don’t worry you can even see a few demos of Quest products if you choose.


Bottom line is you should really attend TEC. Conference organizers Chris McNulty and Michelle Fallon have assembled a great line up of topics and session. See for yourself at

See you at TEC!