Not-So Breaking News: Deduplication is Important

I’m not exactly setting the backup and recovery world on fire by saying deduplication is important. On a rudimentary level, why would you want to backup multiple versions of the same exact data? It just doesn’t make sense.

Deduplication saves time, resources, and money and there is ample evidence to support those claims in a number of papers, including Solving Data growth Issues Using Deduplication and Deduplication: Effectively Reducing the Cost of Backup and Storage. But the key to optimizing those benefits and making the most of integrating deduplication into your backup and recovery plan is choosing the right product and method for your organization.

This latest paper, not-so-coincidentally titled Choosing the Right Deduplication Solution for Your Organization, discusses the differences between application-based deduplication and appliance-based deduplication.

The goal here is to help you pinpoint the best solution possible, and to that end, you, dear reader, need to come to the table with some idea of what you and your organization want and need from a deduplication solution. Are you most interested in reducing stress on resources and infrastructure, or are you purely on a cost-cutting mission? Are you more comfortable with a software solution or a purpose-built appliance? Is ease of use and management a critical factor?

While these are some basic questions that you probably know the answer to instinctively, keep them in the forefront of your mind as you read. With that, you can be confident this paper will help guide you further down the path of finding the right deduplication solution for your company.