Now is the time to #migrate to #Office365!

Back in March Microsoft announced a 20% price reduction in most of their Office365 enterprise plans. The biggest reduction was seen in the SharePoint and most popular Office 365 enterprise plans. This makes the price point much more attractive for those enterprises that were on the fence about going to the cloud with their email.


OnDemand Migration for Email recently added Exchange 2010 as a target and Office 365 as a source for our migration solution. This means that moving to cloud is much less risk for your organization. You can begin a pilot tomorrow by moving some of your users to Office 365 and then if you decide it is nto for you can simply move them back. You don’t have to worry about it being a permanent move to just give Office365 a try.


With these new features and a great price reduction, now is the time to move!


Here is the link to the blog posting describing the price decrease: