O'Reilly School of Technology Proves that an Education in NetVault Backup Pays Off

We frequently tout NetVault Backup’s ease-of-use and ability to reduce backup times but the best part is seeing what that means for our customers. Analyst Jerome Wendt at DCIG recently published a case study detailing how O’Reilly School of Technology used NetVault’s NDMP feature and integration with NetApp, to reduce backup times down to a couple of hours with minimal effort and expense.


In DCIG’s case study O’Reilly School of Technology Lead System Administrator Trent Johnson says, "NetVault Backup works across all of our platforms: Linus, Windows and even NetApp’s Data ONTAP. This keeps our management costs down even as our data remains well protected and easy to recover."


Check out the case study to learn more.


For more information on how NetVault Backup works withNetwork Data Management Protocol (NDMP) to provide effective and efficient backup and recovery of data that is comprehensive yet easy to use, download the tech brief.