Obsessed with Recovery, Quest Releases NetVault FastRecover 4.5

While some vendors seem fixated on the backup process, Quest is obsessed with recovery. It occupies our waking thoughts—and for some of us, our dreams. Maybe that’s why we all share particular zeal for NetVault® FastRecover, Quest’s continuous data protection (CDP) solution.


Shad Nelson, product manager for NetVault FastRecover, has taken this to a new level. He can be seen walking around the office with a stopwatch. While getting coffee in the break room, I’ve heard him drilling a passerby: “Think fast! Your Web site has just been hit by a SQL injection attack! You’ve got 30 seconds to restore the data in the affected tables to just before the attack. What do you do!?”


That’s passion.


We all know that protecting your company’s data and applications means much more than just running a simple backup routine. Implementing an effective data protection strategy requires the use of multiple tools. Data that is mission-critical to your business requires a more robust data protection solution, and requires more frequent recovery points.


Recovery must be measured in minutes—even seconds.


This is NetVault FastRecover’s sweet spot. It delivers CDP and Virtual On-Demand Recovery™ for your mission-critical application data (using technology that’s protected by 14 U.S. patents*). First, with FastRecover, there are no backup windows; it continuously captures and backs up byte-level changes. Second, its Virtual On-Demand Recovery technology allows application data to be ready for use within a few seconds after a restore is initiated–regardless of how much data there is to restore. Third, it offers replication, so you can efficiently send backup data from one FastRecover server to another for enhanced DR protection at remote offices.


With the release of v4.5, FastRecover now offers protection and Virtual On-Demand Recovery for Oracle. This is in addition to its existing protection for Exchange Server, SQL Server, and Windows file-system data. Customers can take advantage of its extended platform support and CIFS export functionality to export and back up FastRecover datasets with their traditional backup and recovery solution. FastRecover also now works with Quest Recovery Manager for Exchange. (Read more about the enhancements here and watch the upcoming webcast on Tuesday, January 17th.)


Backup is a given. Recovery is really where the rubber meets the road. And FastRecover is on the salt flats, breaking land speed records. Care to give it a test drive?


*Only two developers have access to the code; the original copy is held in a bank vault in Atlanta, Georgia—along with the original formula for Coca-Cola®. Okay, maybe not. My point is: Virtual On-Demand Recovery™ is extremely valuable technology to Quest. No one else can legally offer it.