Office 365 Migration Lessons Learned: Read a first-hand account!

Last month Greg Shields, principal technologist with Concentrated Technology, wrote an article for TechTarget that described his organization’s experience migrating to Office 365. In the article, he provides many suggestions to ensure a successful migration and describes his experience with Quest Software’s OnDemand Migration for Email. Here are the seven lessons he provided in the article that you should consider prior to your Office 365 migration:




Lesson 1: Do your homework before deciding on an Office 365 plan.
Lesson 2: Properly prepare before starting your Office 365 trial plan.
Lesson 3: Time your plan purchase with your Exchange migration.
Lesson 4: Explore third-party migration tools.
Lesson 5: Don’t ignore your need for proper technical support.
Lesson 6: Create a URL cheat sheet.
Lesson 7: You still have to administer SharePoint.




I encourage you to read the article for yourself to learn more. Also, you can learn more about Greg Shields and Concentrated Technology at