Office365 is great but...

1) Throttling exists and understandbly so as we certainly wouldn't want a single tenant to overconsume and make the entire system unusable or cause major outage for all the other tenants. However, for clients onboarding and trying to ingest TBs of Exchange, Notes or Groupwise, and/or PST data into Office365, the ingestion of that data can take a very long time. On our migration projects we've seen on average about 500MB per hour transfer rates into Office365. Do the math. Sure there are ways to get around this by setting up additional migration computers and using different admin credentials per computer, but I sure wish I didn't have too. See below url for some of the techie details on the throttling.


2) As an ISV, building products on a production environment has been frankly painful. Again, understandbly so as it is a production environment... We build solutions for very large enterprises and as such we would like to "put it through it's paces" before releasing. You can imagine the fun we're having trying to accomplish this from every aspect of a product lifecycle. My analogy is imagine every single developer in your organization having to share a single virtual image. It's similar in our world.


Alright, I doubt item 2 will be an issue that you guys will deal with unless your one of our competitors, but 1 is something you better be thinking about. Also, I classify both of these issues in the growing pains category. These are certainly issues that will be overcome in the future. Hopefully, sooner than later 


Quest is developing many products to support Office365 from administration, migration, recovery, reporting, etc so we are a little unique. We will continue to deliver best of breed and enterprise class solutions. We see Office365 gaining momentum and we will have one of the most comprehensive offerings for this platform just like we do for Active Directory, Exchange, SQL Server, Sharepoint, Virtualization, Application Monitoring and the list goes on and on... If you want to see what we offer today for Office365, click here. Sorry for the Quest plug, but I get a little carried away as I have a little insight into what we will be bringing to market in the future. It's very exciting times so stay tuned.



Tri Nguyen


Product Management