In a post last September, titled Office 365 Transition Tidbits, I included some initial information on Office 365 throttling and the corresponding impact on migration throughput. That post offered some suggestions to help overcome the throttling limitations and provided a typically number of 500 MB/hr that most customers were able to achieve.


Since that time, Microsoft has upgraded the Office 365 environment which allows Quest's solutions to take advantage of their multi-threaded architecture. Since these updates by Microsoft, I have commonly received reports of 2-3 GB/hr/machine and almost linear gains by adding migration machines.


For example, one partner was using 5 NME workstations set to 8 threads each for a migration to Office 365. Across the 5 machines, they saw over 11 GB/hr, which is a huge improvement over previous Office 365 migrations. In addition, other customers and partners are reporting similar results when migrating from Notes and/or GroupWise to Office 365.


However, it appears these performance improvements are not universal across migration solutions. NME recently replaced a competing solution for a Notes to Office 365 migration due to performance issues. The competitor installed 40 migration machines in an effort to meet the customer's migration window, but was only able to achieve 20 MB/hr/machine or a total of 800 MB/hr. During a 2 hour POC, Quest demonstrated migrations from the same environment of over 1 GB/hr (using a single migration machine!). The customer purchased NME and efficiently completed their migration to Office 365.


If any of you have Office 365 throughput results to share, please do so.


Happy migrating!