On-Demand Webcast: Delegating Active Directory Permissions & Account Management #ActiveAdministrator

Managing permissions and tasks associated with Active Directory can be really challenging. With today’s harsh reality of understaffed IT departments while workloads continue to climb, you need solutions that can help you access security and delegate roles easily and quickly. Active Administrator provides organizations with a quick, consistent way to accomplish these tasks and more.

Active Administrator can help you:

  • Easily create and manage sets of permissions with Active Templates
  • Assess AD security with a hierarchical view of what you need to see
  • Find AD objects and their associated permissions quickly with Quick Search
  • Create and manage password policies using a simple interface

Plus, Active Administrator makes it simple to create security reports, automate permission expirations, set access restrictions and much more.

Watch this webcast where you’ll discover all the time-saving, security-enhancing and efficiency-boosting benefits you’ll gain with Active Administrator.