Out of the box reports

So vFoglight currently provides wizard based reporting, drag and drop reporting and out of the box (OOTB) report templates. It is this latter group that interests me here.

We are looking at adding to the 36 templates that already exist and want to know more about what you want and why. A one line description often doesn't help but provide:

  • a title
  • a brief description of the content (attach a spreadsheet, word doc , etc if you like).
  • and; most importantly what you would use the report for

As an example:

  • memory commitment recommendations
  • would contain VM names and for each would show the current allocation, the average and maximum usage, the limit, the forecast usage over next 90 days and would show recommended increases or decreases in allocation
  • use to optimize memory allocations

So provide some suggestions and lets see what more we can do to make life easier. Oh and don't forget that you are not limited to VMware but can do chargeback, capacity planning, Hyper V, Guest processes, etc