Package for ActiveRoles Server Functionality Check

Now you have an opportunity to check functionality of new installed or upgraded ActiveRoles Server version.


The proposed package consists of four parts; each of them checks the definite ActiveRoles functionality scope:

  • User management
  • Group management
  • Access check management
  • Policy Object management
  • Managed Units and Virtual Attributes management


We have selected this functionality since it is reflects the most frequently used operations. After running this script package, you can be sure that you have checked the ActiveRoles basic operations.


All you need is just to run one script, wait until it's finished and get the test result. Each test has its own log file. So, if something goes wrong, it is always possible to look at log details.


ATTENTION! This script is not intended for execution in a production environment. Be sure that you are running this script in a test, non-production environment.