People aren't the only risk in your organization. Learn ten ways to secure and manage the risks of service accounts.

Webcast: 10 Ways to Secure and Manage the Risk of Service Accounts and Other Non-Human Accounts

Date: 12/18/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Accounts for services and scheduled tasks don’t involve direct human interaction every time, so they’re non-human. They may not pose the same danger as an out-of-control cyborg, but these accounts may pose a greater risk to security than you might think. Attend this webcast with Randy Franklin Smith where he will show you how these type of  accounts create all kinds of risks and management burdens, and what to do about them including:

  • How exactly non-human accounts pose a serious threat
  • Proven controls and best practices for securing these accounts
  • The simple logon strategy that can strengthen security
  • How to automate processes that mitigate these risks

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