PowerGUI one of PC Week's 15 Essential Tools for Windows Admins

Quest's PowerGUI just made it into PC Week's "15 Essential Open Source Tools for Windows Admins"!


Here's what the magazine said about the tool:


"It's no secret that PowerShell is taking the Windows world by storm. It feels like a retro pleasure for many long-term admins who remember the command-line days. But for others, banging on the command line to administer systems can be a pain.

Those looking for a more graphical means of tapping into PowerShell should check out PowerGUI, a free graphical user interface and script editor for PowerShell. More valuable perhaps is the community built around PowerGUI, with its vast store of contributed scripts and libraries for administering your fleet."


PowerShell has become a standard way to manage Microsoft environments - and PowerGUI is the ultimate tool that helps administrators get control over whatever exposes PowerShell.