Put a Filter on that Content!

And Clean That Mess Up!


I heard that a lot while I was growing up in Hudson, Massachusetts. It was a small town, with a flashing yellow light out on Route 62 where Hudson met the rest of the world. Being the youngest of six kids, I was a pretty easy target for “He did it!” And off I’d go to clean up some mess another had created. Sometimes, as Stat Administrators we get stuck in the same situation. As Stat has matured within our organization over time, configuration items are inactivated, but never removed. 

This creates an environment that’s simply not as clean as it can be. Staring at rows that are neither wanted nor needed take additional time and patience many of us may not have.

So, what is a Stat Admin to do! Oh My!

Enter Stage Left:Status Code = Active”

By setting up a custom Filter to only show the Active rows, Stat will hide the rows that are marked Inactive. What’s important to note here is that the rows are simply hidden, not deleted. You may need to show these rows at some time in the near future for an internal or external audit.


And we are always to remember what Mom said “Better Safe than Sorry!” She also shared this little life nugget far too often: “Be Quiet! I’m on the Phone!”


Here’s how we setup a new Filter:


Step 1: On the topics Maintenance Window select the “Filter” button.
This is usually on the pop-up bar and is the third item from the left. The first item is usually the “Service Domain”; the second item is typically the “Sort” button.

Step 2: On the “Specify Filter” Pop-Up box, select the “status_cd” Column.

Step 3: The “status_cd” text will appear in the box above, simply add the following text to it “= ‘A’”. So, the line should read in total: status_cd = ‘A’.

Step 4: When the text is completed, select the “Verify” Button so that Stat can verify the new Filter. You should see a pop-up box like the one above that says “Filter is OK”. Select the Ok Button to close the pop-up or correct the entry and select “Verify” again to confirm the filter.

Step 5: Select the “OK” Button to complete the new Filter.

Step 6: Enjoy the tranquility that comes with a properly balanced Feng Shui.


The Envelope Please…

When you select the “Ok” button, the Filter Pop-Up window will close and the window will immediately adjust to the applied filter. As you can see in the following screenshot – We have hidden all of the “Inactive” rows that were clouding our blissful Stat view.



You will also notice that there is a new label displayed on the bottom section of the window: That label is “Filter ON: N Hidden”.


This is to let you know that there are additional rows in this view that are hidden. More to the point: Should your Feng Shui get really out of whack, your harmony eludes you, or you get hit by a bus, the next Stat Administrator can quickly see that there are additional rows that are not being displayed. Then they too will have the power to decide what level of tranquility they require.

Please excuse me now; my wife is yelling at me about cleaning up some mess I made… My only question is “Where’s my youngest? He did it!”


11/09/2011 Supplement: “You learn something new every day…”

Today I learned that you can only add a Permanent Filter to a screen that does not have Tabs as a part of its layout. Although you can still set a temporary filter, you cannot save that filter for your next session. Once the session is closed, that filter is no longer available.


So, if you want to add a Stat Filter that will be available to you the next time you log in, ensure the screen you are on does not have Tabs in the layout.


William R. Hart

Solutions Architect
Quest Software, Inc.