Q&A with Systems Admins – We Appreciate You! Happy #SysAdminDay!

Let’s face it. Systems Admins have their work cut out for them!

For all 365 days of the year, they have to ensure that performance, uptime, resources, and security of computers managed meet the needs of users. And yet, for all Systems Admins do, they have just one day where they are celebrated for their hard work.

In our effort to show how much we appreciate Systems Admins, we decided should get to know them better. And what better way to get to know them? Well, why not a Q&A!

Q&A with System Administrators

Q1: How do you celebrate System Admin Appreciation Day or what does the day mean to you?

Casey M. “I send meme/nerd based thank you notes to my fellow Sys Admins.  I see it as a day to look back at all the great (and often unnoticed) work that has been done during the year and a chance to offer ourselves a well-deserved thanks. “

David A. “It is a great reminder about the responsibility a System Admin has.  It is definitely worth some donuts on that day.”

David H. “Work”

Keith J. “I like to sign in as a user and send myself positive emails praising the speed and reliability of the system.”

Q2: How has your work changed in the last year as a System Admin?

Chryss C. “More systems to manage, less resources to manage them with.”

Cindy K. “The amount of hours and project commitment has escalated tremendously.”

Kimberly S. “I think I attended more meetings this past year than I ever have!”

Timothy S. “I have more grey hairs.  Does that count?”

Q3: What is the strangest thing you received a call about as a System Admin?

Bob W. “Wow…  That would be a long list.  I think one of my favorites was I got a call saying a printer had an error that said "Please Add Water" and the user asked where the water goes.  Turned out that a student got into the printer settings and changed default messages so the printer was just out of paper.

David H. “I got a help desk ticket one day to fix the toilet in the restroom”

Edward G. “As I work in Higher Ed, the strangest would be this: on Labor Day several years ago, someone called the main help desk number and requested me by name.  This was not someone that I knew.  The question asked was, ‘Do we have classes today?’”

John K. “A woman keep calling the IT Helpdesk phone number after hours and leaving messages thinking we were her psychiatrist. I figured she would figure out on her own she was calling the wrong number, but she didn’t. I had to call the women back and fortunately she didn’t answer and I left a voicemail indicating that the doctor she is trying to reach is not at this number.”

Q4: How many cups of coffee do you have before you’re ready to tackle the day?

Clare T. “One large cup.”

Missy M-B. “At least 2.”

Sarah M. “Don't you mean how many pots?”

Casey M. “None.  Soda on the other hand...”

Q5: What’s your favorite geek movie of all time?

Damien C. “Scott Pilgram vs The World”

Jeff H. “Tron!!”

Keith B. “Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy lately”

Rob O. “Office Space”

Q6: If you had a comic book hero name, what would it be?

Cindy K. “Microwoman”

Bob W. “Captain Awesome”

John K. “Batman”

Tony V. “Fantasmo”

Q7: Who shot first, Han or Greedo?

Bradley B. “Han”

Edward G. “I would have to check the script”

Kimberly S. “Greedo”

Peter A. “Han of course! How dare you.”

Your Turn!

Now let's get to know you! Let us know your answers to the questions in the comments section below.