Quest Announces General Availability of vFoglight v6.5

As the Product Marketing Manager for Quest® vFoglight®, I am extremely proud to announce the general availability of version 6.5!

vFoglight, the market-leading virtualization performance management and monitoring solution, continues to raise the bar by helping customers to reach their virtualization goals faster and with more confidence. Quest vFoglight simplifies the management of complex virtual environments by helping maximize performance, speed problem resolution and ensure capacity across heterogeneous virtual, physical, and cloud infrastructures.

Release Highlights

With Version 6.5, Quest vFoglight is focused on addressing specific virtual management needs by:

  • Reducing time and effort required to manage and fix problems in the virtual infrastructure through built-in automation, workflow based alert remediation and in-context administration
  • Easily presented user centric views “perspectives” that provides a single view giving a complete understanding of the infrastructure status
  • Leveraging additional hypervisor technologies to more seamlessly fit into existing virtualized environments

vFoglight v6.5 includes new and improved capabilities across performance monitoring, administration, remediation, capacity planning, chargeback, and service management in a single, downloadable solution.

  • Only to offer a unique visual paradigm using color coding and movement to direct administrators to problem areas
  • Reduces time and effort required to manage the virtual infrastructure through built-in automation, workflow based alert remediation and in context administration
  • Capacity planning capabilities quickly identifies bottlenecks, predict capacity failures, provide scenario models and identifies candidates for optimization
  • Understand how the infrastructure is supporting key applications and business services including the ability to associate costs for the use of infrastructure
  • Supports heterogeneous hypervisor platforms including VMware and Hyper-V
  • New support for Exchange Server 2010 (Foglight for Exchange)

For more information please access the vFoglight landing page, or download the 30-day trial of vFoglight.

Thank you and as always, please feel free to reach out to me directly: [E]