Quest Offers Free Upgrade to New vRanger Features - Not a New Upgrade Charge to Customers Like Veeam!

Veeam announced its new v5.0 capabilities today. Hidden in the literature, Veeam made it clear that they are 'rewarding' customers on active maintenance - by CHARGING them an upgrade fee to get access to their new feature content.

Here's how Veeam introduces their new editions:

"The current v4.1offering will become Veeam Backup & Replication Standard Edition v5.0, and the new incremental offering will be Veeam Backup & Replication Enterprise Edition v5.0."

They go on to explain, that customers wanting new feature content are welcome to upgrade to Enterprise - by paying the incremental license fee. The Enterprise edition carries a pretty hefty price tag of $989/CPU USD - so this is not a mere formality - it's real money.

Veeam adds some confusion, by describing new features in their STD edition. They state:

"Standard Edition will include new functionality for recovery verification and Windows guest file system indexing, as well as enhancements to existing features (such as "archive friendly" synthetic backups)."

Note, however: in the STD edition, Veeam describes recovery verification as being "MANUAL" only and Windows guest file system indexing as supporting only the "CURRENT" backups and not the complete archive. So, really, Enterprise edition is required for full feature access.

In contrast to Veeam, as we told you last week, Quest is NOT CHARGING an upgrade fee for customers to gain access to new features in vRanger Pro 5.0. Instead, for customers active on maintenance before the end of the 2010 calendar year, we are honoring that maintenance with a full upgrade to the vRanger Pro 5.0 product. Like Veeam, we are raising the price of our Pro product -- to $699/CPU. But, unlike Veeam, we are rewarding customers with active maintenance and not penalizing them.

Effectively, this means: Buy now -- get current on maintenance now -- and you will be immediately rewarded with full upgrade to vRanger Pro 5.0 with its new feature content, at no additional price. If you wait until Jan 1 or later, you'll have to pay the higher price.

Want more details on what will be available in vRanger 5.0? See our landing page for all of the current vRanger 5 information.