Quest One Quick Connect Express for Active Directory 5.3: Lync Connector

Recently new version of Lync connector was released as part of Quest One Quick Connect Express for Active Directory 5.3.


Lync Connector is used by Active Roles Server Lync Add-on solution which enables to provision users in Lync and manage Lync policies from Active Roles Server.


But Lync Connector can also be used separately. In case you have AD only or for some reason don't want to use complex "machinery" in Active Roles Server, Lync Connector allows to codelessly provision users with Lync in same forest or in cross-forest topologies.


In my case I want only members of specific group in source to be provisioned in Lync.


In single forest scenario it is enough to create Provision Step with only 3 rules like on screenshot below. 


In resource or central forest topologies you also need AD to AD sync steps to create shadow accounts or contacts so they can be Lync-enabled with connector.